Sunday, July 6, 2014


An ex-U. S. Marine, now a hero of the far right, is languishing in a Mexican Jail for breaking their laws not U.S. law, but Mexican Law.

Tahmooressi, 25, who served in Afghanistan and was promoted to sergeant, has been in jail since April 1 after crossing the border at San Ysidro with three weapons and hundreds of rounds of ammunition in his pickup truck. He had recently moved to San Diego to receive treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder.

Tahmooressi has consistently said he crossed the border by mistake, missing the turnoff to remain in the U.S. That story was challenged by Mexican officials when Tahmooressi's explanation that he had never before visited Mexico proved to be untrue.

This is so wrong on so many fronts it is not only pitiful but sick. I hear his mothers whining and pleading showing pictures of this guy in full uniform. He is a fake and a lawbreaker, and for all we know he is hiding behind the American flag claiming PTSD.  How could a guy who is mentally unstable from PTSD legally buy weapon or even have a drivers license? How could he claim that because of his PTSD he did not know about the busiest border crossing in the United States? Why would he have a pick-up load of three weapons and hundreds of rounds of ammunition?

Why would the right wing nuts excuse this guy as some sort hero and boo and hiss at a gay Afghanistan veteran at a conservative conference or hate unarmed children who broke American law for entering this country illegally and yet stand behind this guy.

I say leave him stay there until his trial and if they sentence him to prison, so what. Just because he is an American does not mean he can break Mexican law—no matter how many guns, he has, or how big and powerful they make him feel. Fox news embarrassed them selves over the Bundy ranch incident and now this incident will embarrass them as well. According to Fox, this arrest in Mexico is clearly Obama’s fault just like the hurricane Arthur, the earthquake in Alaska, and the rash of forest fires in California were his fault. I am fed up with their crap. 

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