Thursday, July 10, 2014


I enjoy few things more than watching President Obama out maneuver Republicans in the political game. The tragedy is that the Republican game does serious harms to so many people. At a time when the Speaker of the “do nothing” House of Representatives, John Boehner is threatening to sue him for over-stepping his bounds as President by carrying executive actions, Obama asked congress for 3.7 billion to work on the immigration crisis. He makes this request just before going to Texas to solve the problem of immigration that is especially real to that boarder state. When talking to Texas Gov. Perry he asked that governor to help him talk the Texas congressional delegation to support his money request. In other words, the President of the United States asked a very outspoken Republican governor to convince a majority Republican delegation to congress to support his executive action.

The president is clearly aware that Perry will not be able to convince “his” Republicans. Fortunately, there are 13 Democrats on that delegation including the representative from the 23 district; the Rio Grande valley district, which already supports the president. Thus, Obama gently embarrasses the entire Republican controlled congress knowing they will vote in block against providing the money he needs to carry out “his” executive action, which will do what the American people clearly want. He specifically embarrasses the Governor by forcing him to refuse to help solve a pressing problem in his state, which he know cannot be solved without federal help. In addition, by asking Congress to support his "executive action", he mocks Speaker Boehner in his law suite. The nice thing is he helps the congressional delegate, Pete Gallego, from the Rio Grande Valley, both a Democrat and a Latino.   

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