Saturday, July 12, 2014


Jonathan #Capeheart acting as guest host on MSNBC’s show, UP used the Bugs Bunny character holding a large package of TNT with a lighted fuse to explain the problem John Boehner has created for himself. Speaker Boehner made the issued very real by issuing a resolution to sue President #Obama for over-stepping his authority as president. It will be very hard for him to step back from his position. As with Bugs Bunny, the issue is a political package of TNT to heavy to throw far enough away to prevent himself and his political party from being hurt.  

Legal minds are quick to point out that the suite has little chance to succeeding. The only danger to our democracy is that the Supreme Court of the Untied States is now the #Robert’s Court and is not operating as a legal mind. I have repeatedly referred to the Robert’s Court as being corrupt meaning that they act based on political philosophy and not the jurisprudence; thus, are acting extra constitutionally. Of course, their refrain is that they are constitutional fundamentalist thus act strictly according to the Constitution as written.  #Roberts, #Alito, #Thomas, and #Scalia, the especially corrupt individuals on the court, all swore in confirmation hearings that they abhorred judicial activism, and then acted in just the opposite manner; liar, liar the fuse is on fire. This is obvious to all by looking at the decisions they made, such as Citizens United, which made corporations people; Hobby Lobby, which violated the separation of church and state, and declaring a provisions of the voter’s rights act unconstitutional, which violates the rights of many people to have a say in government.

In addition, the personal conduct of the individual justices is deplorable. They are accepting gifts and taking bribes in other forms—such as outlandish speaker honorariums—from the Koch brothers and other radical right wing groups. This “unconstitutional” activity even extends to their wives. It is usual for one or the other of the justices to say how he will rule on an issue even before a case comes before the court, which is an open invitation for radical groups to submit cases with the express purpose of having the issues come before that court. Worst of all, they rule on things that are not in the law. They are activists of the worst kind.

What worries me most is that they and their followers do not seem to understand what ‘democracy’ means in the sense of “we the people”. They have found the Achilles’ heel of our constitution and used it to created a situation in which a select group of people will elect a “dictator”. The only way a democracy can destroy itself is to elect a king or dictator.  By allowing only Republicans to vote, which is what the repeal of provisions of the voters’ right act was all about; allowing corporations to control media, by allowing corporations to control personal lives, which the Hobby Lobby decision was all about; and for corporations to control all media, which is TV, talk radio, news paper, and  magazines, which was the objective of the citizens United decision these four “men” have destroyed America.

As an American, I despise these men. Worst of all I despise those Republicans who support what they are doing and warn all of the people that once the Court has done what it is doing, we will never be able to undo it. We need conservatives and liberals who are free to work their will, which is what a balanced government is, which is what our Constitution gave us. Freedom is like money, it is great to have it but you can spend it foolishly; however, once it is gone, it is gone forever. When the suite goes to the Supreme Court, the TNT blows up, Bugs Bunny is gone; “that’s all folks”.

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