Monday, July 14, 2014


The conflict between Israel and Palestine is a case in point. Depending on whom you listen to, it is a two, three, four, or even more party conflict. For most American it seems to believe it is a two party conflict because historically that is what it is and the most powerful propaganda machines in this country have reinforced that belief by presenting it that way. The current conflict is a conflict between Palestinian people and the Jewish people. The confusion arises because they were all cohabiters of the same land named Palestine; therefore, the name Palestinians applies to both the Jewish and to the Arab contingent. The UN partitioned the land into three Jewish sections and four Arab sections. The Jews inserted religion into the partition by claimed biblical rights to the land long before the U.N. partitions spurred on by the genocide in Germany, “give” them the rights to form a state of Israel with all if it consequences, which happened in Nov. 1947. At the time, the Arabs, feeling abandoned by the world, abandoned their territory, and fled the Jewish sections. The Jews began the long tedious process of claiming the Arab lands; we hear about this in the news as “establishing settlements”, which is really just establishment of legal “rights” over Arab land in Jewish territory.

Thus, the real or base conflict is an age-old bestial or dog level style fight over control of territory. It was fight between the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) and the State of Israel. What has happened is that multiple Islamic organizations including one named Hamas have inserted religion in the form of their “God” on the Arab side of the territorial dispute; this is the worst thing that could have happened in that conflict. Hamas is a militant Islamic fundamentalist political movement, which gains support from Muslim terrorists from around the world. That string of adjectives: ‘militant’, ‘Islamic’, ‘fundamentalist’ and ‘political’, introduces terror into my heart as should do to everyone no matter in what country you find it including the United States. “Hamas” is the leading perpetrator of terrorist activity with the objective of destroying any hope of democracy in the region, and, if you care to listen, they hope to destroy democracy around the world: America, Europe, and every other democratic nation. Israel is just a steppingstone. They hope to achieve power over everyone who is not Muslim. They are living in the dark ages of the crusades; Abrahamic religions fighting Islamist.  

“Arab Spring” is a name given to the widespread movement, away from religious governments to democratic governments especially in the Middle East. President Obama is reaching for this ripening plum and deserves all the help we can give him to reach his goal. It is what Hillary Clinton and John Kerry are working so hard to achieve. I listen to the Right Wing propaganda and watch their efforts to recruit church groups into the political process including Jewish groups. By doing so, they cause huge problems; thus, I see Republican groups and myriad ignorant preachers adding “religious fuel” to the fire by ignoring the basic issue in the fight, which they do by opposing Hamas and preaching hate for Muslims, and catering to the radical right wing sect in the Israeli Government as represented by Benjamin Netanyahu. There can never be a solution following the Netanyahu-Republican tract, which inserts “God” or “Allah” into government; by doing so they perpetuated a never-ending religious conflict—we have 10,000 years of human history to verify that.           

Someone has to say it; the minute a population enters “God” into government of man, you have trouble. Obviously, we cannot elect either “God” or “Allah”. Our constitution says it by stating church and state must be separate.

I put the words “God” and “Allah” in quotes because they represents a concept—something that exist only in the mind of man. Anyone you ask defines the words differently while declaring one real and the other fiction. I have personally and arguably defined “God” as the “sense of survival”, a biological phenomenon that exists in all living things and not just humankind. In that way, the sense of survival resembles the sense of fear, taste, shame, and many other senses that we all recognize. I define politics as social organization based on hierarchy dominance. They both have the same objective, to survive. I find it difficult to think in those terms and at the same time think of killing each other over an indefinable concept.

Israel, live within the territory you legally own! Give the land that you stole back and stop that nonsense that the Biblical gave the land to you. Palestine must kick out Hamas from Palestinian territory; they are hurting your cause and causing harm to your people. Republicans, shut up until you understand the problem. A good way to do that is to listen to President Barrack Obama; the first president we have had while in office that has understood the problem. Carter learned how to understand the problem but after he left the White House. Bush and his neo-cons made it much worse.       

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