Wednesday, July 9, 2014


#Sam Brownback, governor of Kansas, was a guest of #Chuck Todd this morning for a milk toast interview. The political world knows Brownback as the ultimate #Republican of all Republicans. You will find him at the center of every radical conservative position on every controversial political divide. This includes the one about taking campaign money for political favors; he is bought and owned by the #Koch Brothers and has been for 20 years. In addition, I could predict his position on every issue by knowing the issue without knowing what he has said about it by assuming he will take the most radical position possible; sacredness of life which is abortion, biblical law dominates secular law which is antithetical to the constitutional mandated separation of church and state, and family values which is one man and one woman, individual rights which is gun ownership and not individual rights which is the foundation of our country, etc. His only deviation in the “sacredness of life issues” is the death penalty; he is pro death penalty, which is consistent with the “tough guy” or John Wayne image all Republicans have of themselves.  I might add, his position of the death penalty is the only one that is the same as mine—the state can use the death penalty in the sense of self-protection of society.

Of course, the nationwide attention getting issue is cutting taxes; it has been that way since the being of time. However, one startling difference between Brownback’s anti tax stance in Kansas that most Republican run state governments do not shared. It is not surprising that it is what has gotten him in the most trouble. In keeping with Reaganomics, he has shifted the tax burden from the rich to the working class. Most Republican governors do this in a subtle way; they cut progressive income taxes and shift the tax burden to the workers by increasing the non-progressive sales tax. North Carolina was a classic example; Thom Tillis, legislative leaders in that state, lower income tax and business taxes, and sales taxes, which is followed raising sales taxes in the future. Brownback is more direct in pursuing his tax cut mania; he cut both income tax and sales tax and drove his state into a financial crisis.

This morning was interesting to hear his explanation; according to him, his state will attract business, which will create income for the state by increased employment.  He has the numbers to prove this; businesses are moving to Kansas. Of course business will move where taxes are almost nothing and labor unions have been destroyed (no union dues), which increases profits. Workers will be happy if they have low sales tax. Utopia; everyone is happy.

It reminds me of happy children in a candy store with free chocolate. However, I remember my mother telling me about my father’s auto and farm equipment maintenance business during the great depression. He used his supply of spare parts farmers did not pay or paid in sacks of potatoes and chickens, which are useless in buying more spare parts. The children do not think about what happens when the shelves are empty in the candy store. Kansans love the tax cuts but now start to worry about public schools for their children, about costs of health care for their families, about police and fire protection for their businesses or about highways for receiving supplies and delivering their products.

Brownback has stripped the states shelves of the essential people need to survive. He has done it using Republican techniques that center attention on innate human greed related to taxes and drawing attention to social and religious issues but ignoring the big issue, which is the ever-increasing income disparity—the empty shelves in the candy store.

Brownback is the poster-child for what is wrong with America, which is a step by step political facilitation of individual greed by money and not hard work—the rich get richer! 

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