Thursday, July 17, 2014


Surveying the political landscape was enlightening; however, what my survey revealed was not surprising under the current circumstances, but what my analysis revealed was shocking. Clearly, this president has faced serious complex problems at all levels starting with the horrible George W. Bush legacy, which was economic collapse equivalent in severity to what FDR faced in 1929. In addition, he faced an ongoing crisis created by anti-Americanism in the Muslim world punctuated by the residue of the horrible events of 9/11, which were war in Iraq and Iran and a hostile cadre of unrealistic Generals. The military felt strongly that if they had unlimited resource: meaning men, equipment, and bushel baskets of money to pay private contractors like Halliburton, they could win. A couple of powerful bomb-bomb Senators aided by war machine industrialists and abetted the Pentagon. The military was right; they could win, but they had no idea of win what? None of this war expansion was possible without taking politically unpalatable steps such as a draft of men and women into the military and increases in taxes.

Add a well-entrenched foreign policy based on forcing small sovereign governments to due business with us out of fear of being toppled, the dependence on foreign oil supplies and competition for energy from China, the failed war on drugs, and the wholesale out-sourcing of jobs to avoid taxes. The economic elite were working furiously to move “all the money to the top and allow it to trickle down”; thus, destroy the middle class by lowering wages accentuated by the anti unionism. The old adage, “the power to tax is the power to destroy” was applied by the conservative House of Representatives; they had the working class in their sights. In addition, the Bush Administration (Karl Rove) had corrupted the Supreme Court and Federal Court System by judicial appointments based on politics.  

Add to this something that was entirely new and politically sinister; a well-funded and organized Republican Party attempt to make the Obama Presidency fail even before he took office. This boggled my mind to I realize “flag waving American Citizens”, under the guise of our well established political party system, were openly willing to commit what is equivalent to an act of treason, which it to destroy democracy from within for power.

Faced will all of this, our president forged ahead: we now have the first ever Affordable Health Care in America, decreased our energy consumption, increased solar power, and eliminated our dependence on foreign oil.  The turmoil of the “Arab Spring” has been allowing the people themselves turn their countries away from caliphates to democracy without expensive bomb-bomb diplomacy. This is an example of a bold new form of United States Diplomacy and moves us away for the diplomacy by military might of realpolitik of Henry Kissinger. In spite of selfish opposition from our European allies, our president has faced off a move by Putin to restart the cold war and make Russia a world power—he is using business sanctions; thus, peacefully preventing Russian invasion of the Ukraine. North Korea, with their atomic bombs, is isolated to their own playground. Peace with Iran is on track for the first time since 1979. The war between Israel and Palestine is on track, as bloody as it currently is, by making the Israelis responsible for dealing with their Arab neighbors without the Arab nations fearing American might. The accolades could and should go on and on.

Unbelievable! The Speaker of the House of Representative is suing the President. Why, in God’s name Why? My analysis can come up with only one reason. This President is doing such a good job he is making all Republican policy look like what it is: terrible. Speaker Boehner is so afraid the American People will realize this and if they do, the working class will rise up and end of the Republican Party in America. All of this money and effort put into empty, false accusations can only be intended to distract people’s attention away from the many, many remarkable Obama accomplishments. Conservative web sites are based on nothing but groundless hate: hate, hate, and hate without one reason. Yes, his achievements are remarkable and they are numerous; count them and then hunt for one “actual” failure—something that is not good for the American People. 

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