Monday, June 30, 2014


Once again, the Supreme Court of the United States, operating under the guise of being fundamental constitutionalism, has violated the promise of our Constitution. People who own corporations can impose their religious beliefs on you and your family, not just you but your family as well, if you are “their” employee—so much for separations of church and state. These corporations can now treat some people differently from others and can intrude into your most private moments. They have created a moral group, which violates our religious freedom; the very thing our constitutional guarantees will not happen.  This Court, corrupted by the Koch Brothers and other members of the economic elite because of a previous bad ruling made by the same court, has used that ruling to do what it was intended to do, which is to tear apart our democracy and create a plutocracy.

Obamacare is the law. The Congress of the United States passed the law and now SCOTUS says it does not apply to everyone. It is a truly a bad decision that misinterprets the meaning of religious freedom; people are not “free to force others to practice their religion”. That is not what religious freedom means. This decision is a bullet through the heart of our Constitution made possible by another one of their bad rulings, which made everyone a member of an “organized militia” thus has the right to carry arms.

The thing wrong with Sharia law is that under that form of law everyone has to follow, under the penalty of death, some cleric’s interpretation of the Koran. Now, the SCOTUS mandates that we have to follow what someone says the Bible tells him; that is biblical law. The new ruling makes no pretence of social control of any kind such the public electing them, only ones’ belief in the Bible. This is consistent with the Republican mantra of moral order, which means moral order is whatever the bible or Rev. Moon, or Billy Graham, or the Ayatollah Kumauni, or Joseph Smith, Jr. (Morman) says it is. It is also consistent with concept of moral groups. The constitution says we have religious freedom and we all belong to one group—the human race. It is OK for a Muslim to kill a Christian; it is OK of a protestant to hate a Catholic, or a Sunni to hate Shi′a. It is OK to tell impressionable children the only way they can get to heaven is to belong to “the” church—everyone else is going to hell or as they often say a lake of fire. A real family is composed of a dominant man with an obedient wife and children. In addition, it is morally wrong not punish a misbehaving child. To ratchet it up a notch, suicide bombing is OK for an Islamic terrorist on an airplane filled with people to advance his religion. Now, according to SCOTUS, your boss is the terrorist who controls your family life.

One question: are you sorry yet that you voted for a Republican?     

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