Wednesday, June 25, 2014


Elections are strange things; we often refuse to understand the result. They point out the truth in a couple of ways and still we refuse to believe that truth. For years in North Carolina, a majority of people easily elected Jessie Helms to five terms to the senate. Jessie Helm was an open, blatant raciest, and homophobe. In the press and in interviews, voters and most politicians supported Martin Luther King, voters’ rights, and desegregation, which is obviously counter to what they do behind the curtain of the voting booth. Now, a number of years later, a candidate for congress, Thom Tillis, is using his support for voter suppression and other forms of closet language to make clear his racial preference, shades of the Jessie Helm electorate. #Joe Scarborough, a Florida native, on MSNBC, for example, acts genuinely offended if anyone dares to suggest racism is alive in electoral Republican politics in the Red Neck Riviera—his attitude is that of the modern Republican Party (Tea Party) when it comes to racism.

The question remains open in respect to what they really believe and what they do and say to get votes. #Ronald Reagan picked Philadelphia, Mississippi, the site of the murder of three civil right workers, as the place for the announcement that he was seeking reelection. He did this for a purpose but we do not know “his” purpose! Was Reagan a racist or just taking the vote getting advantage of the racism of the old Plantation South? In either case, it does not distract from the fact that many of the people are racists.

Last night was primary night in Mississippi. The voters selected one Republican candidate over another by an almost two percent point margin: 51% to 49%. It means 184,260 people voted for Chris McDaniel verses 190,633 voters who supported the conventional Republican candidate. That result almost moved me to tears. My objective in this blog post is to point out what Chris McDaniel represents—in other words, for what did that 49% of the population vote to support, which is depressing to realize the truth revealed by the vote. This man’s positions would make Jessie Helms seem like a liberal in comparison. He had KKK lawyers on his campaign and was against abortion, birth control, abortion counseling, and paying taxes. McDaniel filled his arguments with conflicts in logic. He hated the government telling anyone what to do. He wanted the government out of people’s lives but supported the government dictation to people what to do and how to do it in the most intimate details of life. He is a fundamental constitutionalist but supported prayer in schools. The conflicts go on and on.

The election results in Mississippi leads me to understand that a huge swath (49%) of Republicans in that state are socially dysfunctional, perhaps the bestial equivalent of the human condition. No wonder the camouflaged, bearded stars of Duck Dynasty who like to kill things of the sake of killing things, are so popular in the South. It shakes me to the core to think that Republicans are a majority in that state. 

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