Wednesday, June 11, 2014


Political media is awash with news of the unexpected and over whelming election loss of House Majority Leader Eric Cantor by a “radical” Tea Party type. I concede that David Brat is more radical than Cantor is, but if we step back and look at the positions Cantor has taken on almost every issue, it takes some doing to be more radical. The talking heads are saying the election turned the whole country is suddenly upside down. The country is upside down, but it is but it is not because of this election. They seem incapable of realizing that Citizens United has turned the tables of democracy. David and Charles Koch are the real winners of last night’s election even though they have not spent a dime on that specific election, which is the scary part.

Eric Cantor was a powerful voice in Washington. He is an Ayn Rand disciple but so is Paul Ryan and Kevin McCarthy and a growing number of the radical Republicans in the both the House of Representatives and the Senate most supported by Koch brothers philosophy one way or another. By radical Republicans, I mean politicians who are plutocrats. They are the ones that have accepted Koch brother money in exchange for their office; thus, are under their control. However, it is not that simple. These “Faustian” deals have been a long time in the making. These elements or fringes of the Republican Party are plutocrats or royalists. That was the battle the American colonist fought and won when the defected from England and became independent.

The corrupt Supreme Court destroyed that America ideal with the Citizens United decision. Fred Koch, father of the Koch brothers, and a number of other has been methodically working to corrupt our one-man one-vote system in the name of hate communism—an anachronism—as if communism isn’t dead. Cubans Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio are cut from the same cloth. Ayn Rand was an immigrant from “communist” Russia. Have you ever heard one of these people talk about labor unions in terms other that communist organization. Even public schools are communist plots. Socialistic programs such as Social Security, Affordable Health Care, etc in their minds are all communist plots. Of course, Roosevelt’s the New Deal was the epitome of evil. The way to think about how they see things is to think of the very few that make up corporate America as the good guys (1%) verses working America (47%) who are the bad guys.

Everyone knows there are more good guys than there are bad guys so something had to be done to distort the body politics. It was an extremely difficult task but the Robert’s Supreme Court and the Koch Brothers have done it. Gerrymandering is just an example of that. What started as a political maneuver based on racial control, turned into a political party control thing, and has now turned into a class thing; the rich against the poor: business against labor. Political operatives have cleverly packed radical elements into legislative districts in a way to control elective bodies with a minority of radicals. When everyone votes we elect a Democratic President when we vote by districts, we elect a Republicans.  

For and additional example, public opinion polls demonstrate, on issues after issue, what the people want; however, Congress will not pass what the people want into law but what corporations wants becomes the law of the land, which makes my point—Congress is owned by Koch brothers. The American people know there is a growing economic gap between the rich and the workers. They hear a person like the recently elected Dave Brat say in a stump speech that wages should be tied to productivity. We all agree with that and vote that way; however, every indication is that productivity went up, profits went up, but surprise of all surprises, wages went down. We all seem to agree that taxes should go down and Republicans tells us they are for lower taxes so we vote for them but what the mean is that corporate taxes should go down, which means that workers taxes have to go up to pay for fire protection, police protection, roads, for their factories.  

The American people no longer seem to be able to see through Republican lies; it seems to be past the point of no return. All of a sudden, Cantor is a Republican moderate—no he is not. He may be a “moderate” relative to Brat but he is no moderate; he is a Ayn Rand radical. The people in the 7th district in Virginia, what was Eric Cantors district, believe what Republican politicians tell them to believe, “immigrants will destroy America”. The election of David Brat proved that to me. What they mean is immigrants are hard working people—who will vote Democratic. Just add that lie to the lower taxes means taxes go down on corporations not the people. Trickle down economics means all the money is at the top—the job creators; Does anyone stop and ask where are the jobs? If you want to know where we are going look at every third world country in the world for examples—their governments are a few self appointed rich guys setting in a board room. 

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