Monday, June 16, 2014


In between bashing the president and misrepresenting the troubles in Iraq, Joe Scarborough introduced Rob Astorino, the Westchester county executive, and now Republican-Tea Party candidate for Governor of New York facing Democrat Andrew Cuomo. His opening salvo was that New York ranks highest in the nation for taxes. That is the unequivocal truth. It is a winning strategy. Frank Lutz has used focus groups to determine that everyone wants to pay less tax—therefore a winning strategy is to run on paying less tax; a strategy has worked all over the country. I would like to add that it is exactly what has gotten use into trouble in this country—everyone wants something for nothing.

So what is wrong with Astorino saying that? Where is the lie? New York has the highest taxes in the nation. The real question is why is that the case? He is using the Republican deception they use all over the nation. New York has a three-part problem. I have already mentioned the first and perhaps the most important part; people do not want to pay tax. The remaining two parts are that two turncoat Democrats turned over control of the New York Senator to Republicans. The last part is that Republicans are perpetual liars; apparently, in their minds they are not lying when they talk about lower taxes and high taxes. What they are talking about are different elements of society and not all of society as Democrats do.

Through nefarious dealings, two democrats voted to install a Republican leader in the State Senate. Let me explain why this is so important, even in a bicameral government using the United States Senate as an example. Once you install a Republican leader, you put an end to democracy in that body where that happened even at the smallest committee level. I learned this from being involved in the nastiest of university politics for many years. We hear this expressed in the media but perhaps do not recognize it for what it means. Republicans will not compromise, or, they say to compromise is to lose. I sat for hours in meetings, down through the years, having committee chairs tell the committee what “they” decided even without a vote. I see the same thing happen repeatedly in Congressional committees, such as the Darrell Issa Government Oversight Committee. They have blatant disregard for minority Democrat opinions on the committee. I should add that when the tables are turn Republicans scream with anguish accompanied by hate and vicious accusations of Democratic mistreatment of Republicans (they do this with the President as well). My point is that democrats tend to be fairer—an innate difference in our nature. The interpretation of the situation is that from now on New York State Senate decisions will be Republican decisions, which means that things will only get worse for the people but continue to feed industrial greed.

When Republicans talk about high tax, they are talking about “industry” and not the “people”. This is not hidden. For example, there are media ads financed by industry and shown all over the nation begging industries to relocate to “zero” tax or tax free zones in New York. The same thing is happening across the entire nation, North Carolina for example; Republican states are in competition to attract “jobs”. The ads never say what they are doing to the workers in those places. Come to where there are “right to work laws”, which means there are no unions, where public service employees have no bargaining rights, no minimum wage, not state regulation of the environment, where utility prices are controlled by industry; thus, are about one third for big users as they are for house holds. The ads should tell the people that there is minimum unemployment insurance, no pensions, and no health care. Zero tax means workers not only work for starvation wages but they pay all the cost of infrastructure, police and fire protection, and public schools are trashed to force parents to send their children to profit making private schools; only rich kids can go to good schools. Public schools are trash and teachers are leaving in droves. They do not mention that the wages are so low that many workers have to go on food stamps. By the way, Republicans complain about the high cost of welfare, which they have caused—even our soldier and sailor families have to go on food stamps stamps. It is done in a simple way; the tax burden is shifted to sales taxes and off income taxes; this, is no longer a progressive tax.

Yes, Rob Astorino will challenge Gov. Andrew Cuomo in this year's election for governor with the cry that taxes in New York are 60%; and the people will buy it, they do not want to pay more taxes . . .  they are Taxed Enough Already. The truth is States do not tax industries enough—and the 1% brag about it. I can only ask when people will wise up and stop letting the Republican political operatives drag them around by the nose with lies about welfare queens, abortion, guns, and TAXES. 

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