Saturday, June 28, 2014


This trumped up IRS scandal is a classic example of republican political malfeasance. They have created a believable lie and even high-level elected representatives in that party are endorsing it as the truth. What is sad is that many people who are neither Republican nor Democrat believe the lie, which is what makes it dangerous—a group of dishonest Republican operatives has caught honest voters up in the lie. This is #Karl Roves forte. Down through the years, since he entered into politics, this kind of thing candidates rely on to elect Republicans; therefore, you would expect that he is tied to the very heart of this lie as well. He is! It was his false accusations that the IRS was “targeting his Republican groups” that he was  trying to shield from paying taxes, which investigations after investigation has proved they were not. This struck a cord with the American people, who have, from the time of “visible” or direct taxation, do not want to pay taxes. The IRS is a readily visible, therefore, an easy target for hate.

There are a couple of basic questions. One of which is why do Republican Party candidates in general to lie to the American People? The answer is so obvious it seems trite or even childish to have to say it; if they told the truth, the American people would not elect them. The fundamental truth is that “government is of the people, by the people, and for the people”. They want the government to do thing for them. When GOP has majority control of anything, they will not do what the American people want; they do what the “economic elite” want. This is why the Republican controlled Congress is not doing that working people want done? They devote themselves to undoing what we have already been done to help the people; thus, agree not protecting hard-fought social gains that people want protected and expanded. Notable examples are social security, public schools, Environmental Protection, SEC, Consumer Protection Agency, etc. Now, thanks to Karl Rove, they have added the IRS to that “hit” list. My evidence for people’s disapproval is their well-known single digit approval rating. I could add this is the basis for their current uncontrolled rage over the high popularity support for Obama for doing as much as he can by executive order. The Republican Congress thought they could destroy our American “two party democracy” by destruction and inaction. This is why they are wallowing in the success of corrupting the Supreme Court as evidenced by the Citizens United Ruling. That decision put them on the path to accomplish their goal. They want to have voters elect a form of Republican or “economic elite” dictatorship.

Complete corruption of our national media is well underway. There is no such thing as a giant media merger that the “government” would not rubber stamp. Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, and Fox News do not just happen; they can lie without control. Did you know that Rupert Murdock controls 90% of Australian news media and that is what is happening in the United States? As a reader, for me #Anne Coulter is a classic example of how this is done; she wrote a book that was listed as a “best seller” on the New York Times bestseller list. The book was not only a cover to cover trite and personal attack but she did a miserable job of writing it—it was literary trash based on repeating unfounded hate for “Reaganesque” welfare queens, people who are sleeping on the streets because they want too, and other bizarre presentations of lazy liberals. Apparently, this, in her mind and the minds of other Republicans, is the 47% Romney was talking about during his campaign.

Rove designed the IRS scandal and aimed it at the casual non-committed voters. I am amazed at the number of people, often sports fans that can cite batting averages, etc for all players in a league for many, many years but cannot even name one of the senators who represent them let alone understand his or her political philosophy. Although they often complain, about how bad the government is, they do not affiliated with a political party; they often righteously declare that they vote “for the candidate” not the party; thus, think they absolve themselves of any responsibility. There is no intellectual way to reach these people with logical arguments by using the written word or boring political news casts or public radio or TV; they, for example, will never read this post. In contrast, for them there is a way if you can spend unlimited amounts of money—thanks to the Robert’s court—to control the media, which is to buy advertisement times for TV ads presented during beer breaks in sporting events. By keeping advertisement costs high, it prevents the working class from buying time but the workers are the ones who hear the ads—the $7.25 per hour people who no longer have the freedom to form a labor union who at one time could do this.

Republican operatives have skillfully fabricated the IRS scandal with a definite objective in mind. Republican operatives have designed it to prove that rich and powerful Obama Democrats” have an unfair advantage over poor Republicans and are victimizing “poor tax paying people”. Sports fans are hypersensitive to unfairness in sport contests and are hypersensitive to paying taxes. They are not apt to know that there is really no IRS scandal but they are apt to know the ominous news that Congress is investigating the IRS because the ads they just heard tell them that. The ads do not tell them the investigations have been numerous and have been fruitless. When they go to the voting booths, they vote against “Obama tyranny” without knowing for whom they are voting but they can give you a play-by-play account of the game during which they decided on this important political decision and even tell four years later you who won the game. Who in this country is telling you what is important in your life?

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