Wednesday, June 18, 2014


The latest polls or in and Obama has the lowest rating so far in his presidency, which means congratulation are in order for the Republican propaganda machine, if we should applaud evil success of such evil activity.  Rupert Murdoch, Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, and even such the little known media as Bob Livingston’s Liberty Digest together with Fox News and many, many others have been tearing apart the United States Government, their very own government, for 6 years. It is not just the President but also the entire Congress, the Supreme Court, and all government agencies. They have the American people believing the exact opposite of the truth, which means propaganda, can make people believe some very evil things; history has repeatedly proved that is the case. The question is why?

I listened to #Joe Scarborough and #Nicole Wallace this morning with told disgust (#Morning Joe, MSNBC). It was as sad of a display of un-Americanism as I have ever heard. They made the capture of the terrorist responsible for #Benghazi attack sound like a mistake. The made #Iraq rebel attacks sound as if #Obama instigated them for political gain. The repatriation of an American prisoner of war was the wrong thing to do. The accused the IRS of wrongdoing for not spending money they did not have in e-mail memory capacity—they twisted the failure to save e-mails to saying the IRS destroyed them to cover up some alleged crime already disproved. Legislation to correct climate change is a plot to destroy the energy industry. It was the most gruesome distortion and outright lying about national and world events I have ever heard; their hate for every thing related to their own American government literally drooling from their jaws as they talked.

What is their objective? It is not to make America better. It is not to increase our prestige around the world. They do it to destroy a “democratic” president and everything he represents. I remember a concept buried in a book I once read. It was a book about Teddy Roosevelt written by a popular “conservative” historian. She couched Roosevelt’s presidency entirely in Republican terms, even his starting of a “progressive branch” within the conservative party. The author treated Democrats as though they did not exist because Roosevelt and Taft, the contenders for the presidency in those years, acted as if Democrats were not even worth mentioning—the way Ayn Rand treats workers.

Roosevelt, classified as the progressive Republican, even talked about the necessity and importance of unions and had an eye on welfare, and many other progressive etceteras. Remember George W. Bush trying to sell the American people on the idea that there is such a thing as a compassionate conservative; most didn’t buy it but enough did to elect his president the second time. It almost worked for Roosevelt; however, the people elected progressive Woodrow Wilson and then the conservatives treated him like dirt. In other words, in the eyes of conservatives the governance of people can only be in the hands of Republicans; as long as they are in charge, they will take care of every thing. They are the leaders as if it their birthright. In spite of the fact that they want to destroy the government they want to control, they see themselves as the only ones fit to lead—a one party government. It is a power or innate hierarchy dominance thing.

That is what I heard this morning; no matter what a democrat does, it is not only wrong but also bad. That is what Karl Rove means by a perpetual majority. He leads the charge by attacking an opponent’s strength. The more correct it is the more evil it is to them and the harder they attack it. Every victory that Obama led this country to, and there are many great victories, is under attack as evil. Unfortunately, the American people are not capable of seeing through Republican lies. Worst yet, many Republicans are proud of such despicable conduct by Joe and Nicole—shame on them.

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