Tuesday, June 17, 2014


After this morning’s show, #The Daily Rundown (MSNBC), I can view #Chuck Todd only with contempt. He intentionally twisted fact about what is happening in Iraq to hurt #Obama. The facts are that Obama sent 170 military personal to defend the American Embassy in Bagdad and an additional 100 stationed in the region; Todd loudly proclaimed that Obama broke his word and by sending the military back into Iraq—implying a full scale re-invasion, restarting a war, etc.  Thus, Todd didn’t say it but implied that Obama is a despicable G… D… liar. This is how the slow thinking people at Fox News, Glenn Becks, Bob Livingston, Rush Limbaugh, etc create talking points. Of course, the hate Muslim people, are in the background adding to the strife as are the support Israel at all cost.

They set the back ground with all the lies related to Benghazi embassy attack, which was not an embassy but a consulate, which was the result of terrorists taking advantage of a riot, was a CIA station that did not want protection for fear of calling attention to what they were, etc. In light of those much published lies, if Obama did not protect the Embassy in Bagdad, the same people would have attacked him. When I hear these things, it reaffirms the idea that Obama is a president who makes decision based on what is the right thing to do. As I said in a previous post, he will not fall into the Vietnam trap and re-start that war—never, never, never. At the same time, he has to show the world—especially war monger Republicans in our Congress—that he appears willing to use military force, even if he is not willing to do so. I am confident that if the United States drops bombs or fires missiles fired, they will be minimal; the equivalent of a drone strike fired at specific targets.

What is more important is to watch what Secretary Kerry, under Obama’s direction, does diplomatically with Iran and other Arab spring nations. The President  has already engineered a great diplomatic victory by stopping Iran from enriching bomb grade uranium. Now it looks like Iran will add to that victory by talking Iran in to joining the fight from a religious point of view. Thus, Iran goes from enemy to become a regional ally in an effort to defeat the Islamic sect militants, which helps to establish permanent regional boarders, if not for sovereign states, as suggested by Biden, or for fair legislative districts allowing Kurds, Sunni, and Shia to share the wealth of Iraq. Somehow, the world put the responsibility on Obama to correct the powder keg Maliki government situation created by Bush—the pottery shop thing; “if you break it you own it”. The Maliki led Shia intentionally advocated favoring themselves in the country. The irony is that he replaced Saddam Hussein with a “hand picked” dictator reminiscent of the South and Central American tactic; he may be a bastard but he is our bastard only this one turned on his masters. Now, the right wing media is giving excessive national media time to the same bloody handed Bush advisors that caused the problem simply because they did not understand the politics of religious sects.

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