Monday, May 19, 2014


#Chuck Todd interviewed Rep. Paul #Broun (R) of Georgia on the telephone this morning (MSNBC). Broun is now a candidate for Senate from that state but from what he was saying, he could have been from my state of North Carolina. Todd asked him if he was a #Tea Party Member. His response was an emphatic yes; no surprise there. However, what I found remarkable about his response was his justification for belonging to the Tea Party. He is well known for his outlandish pronouncements: the CDC is a plot by the government to force people to eat what they don’t want to eat; the big bang is a theory right out of hell, and climate changes is caused by dinosaur farts, are just a few of the possible idiotic examples. It really makes one wonder how it is possible people in Georgia vote for this man to represent them. Is it possible that the people in that state believe what him? In his bio on the internet he claims to be one of them; he is a graduate of the University of Georgia, to my knowledge that is something that institution has not denied.

He went on to say he believes in the Constitution, he believes in small government; he believes in states rights; and he believes the government is spending excessively. He tops off his lofty pronouncements with a claim he supports “we the people”.  He seems not to realize the inherent conflict in what he his saying; the Constitution is what creates the Federation of States and gives the power to “all” people. The Constitution is there to establish a “more perfect” union, insure justice, domestic tranquility, and equal opportunity for all. Does he not realize that power to tax is there to provide for the people to do things they cannot do for themselves: armed forces, environmental protection, safe health care practices, emergency management, and public education and on  and on. Does he not know that people in rich states pay more than their share so people in poor states have “equal” opportunity? Does he not realize the Constitution says by working together—all 330,000,000 of us—that we can all live the good life?

I do not understand the Republican aim. I especially have problem with a guy like Broun saying “we the people” in conservative and plantation south code when he means something entirely different. What do they intend for “we the people” to achieve by cutting taxes more and more? What does “living the good life” mean is it does not deal with “quality of life”? What does equality mean quality of life? The only conclusion possible is that when the Constitution say equality of opportunity for all it really means “equality of the quality of life” for all of us or as near as we can achieve that ideal; happiness, contentment, health, and security; the freedom to enjoy life.  

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