Wednesday, May 7, 2014


A tragedy has been unfolding in the State of North Carolina for a long time now; it is living history. It reached another milestone yesterday with the Republican Primary election; the voters actually nominated #Thom Tillis to be the candidate for the Senate. It is as if the voters are oblivious to what is going on around them. The ads all said to vote for him as picking someone to represent you in government; they made it seem like buying 8 ounces of a sugar coated breakfast cereal that is bad for you because it is in a nice colorful over-sized 16 ounce package.

In contrast to the Democratic nominated a candidate, who the host only mentioned by name in passing, Tillis stood tall and proud in an interview this morning while the host gave him all the time he needed on national TV to articulate his position. As an example of how he lied in a way that people believe him, he told a heart-wrenching story about a woman with muscular dystrophy he has “personally” helped in contrast to all of “those” who are getting help that don’t deserve it. We know exactly whom he means when a man with “true conservative values” uses the word ‘those’ in the way he used it. As for the woman with muscular dystrophy, this man prevented the expansion of Medicaid in our state so she really needed help. His true message is clear; people cheat on welfare so “stop all welfare”; it is better many people go with out health care or starve.  

He avoided admitting that he is against rising the minimum wage by saying it, like segregation, is a states rights issue. He is all for crating “good” jobs by increasing corporate profits—“good” to him means $7.25 per hour jobs less than 36 hours per week, without health care, without pension, without vacation, without union protection.  This man prevented out-of-work workers from collecting unemployment insurance for which they paid the premium.  

As majority leader of the House of Representatives, Tillis cut educational budget by 500 million, he cut income taxes but raised taxes on the working class by increasing sales taxes, he turned over all school boards to “true southern conservatives”, and supported a long list of anti educations issues such as voucher programs, yet a leading newscaster (#Chuck Todd) on national television labeled him as a moderate. He is not a moderate! The message of all of this is clear; the problem with education starts with the very people it serves.

The problem with bad government is that it starts with misinformed voters; which is what Koch brothers do. The problem with Thom Tillis is that he means bad government; bad for the workers, bad for home owners, bad for students and schools, bad for the needy, bad for the environment, but good for the 1%. I have news for you; you are not in the 1%.   

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