Sunday, May 11, 2014


Just when you think, the Republicans will go no lower, they do. I listened in total disgust to Billy #Crystal, Rep. #Kinzinger (R-Il), #Smerconish, and #Donna Brailze on the #Martha Radditz show this morning. There was not one thing that Crystal or Kinzinger said that they did no greatly distort or frame in hate. For example, Kinzinger said that as a trained military pilot they [sec] told him if he shot down behind enemy line the U.S. would come to get him. Guts and Glory, glory, glory; the stuff Republicans are made of. He sees himself as a hero because he was a pilot living in the past. By saying if the enemy shot him down, he stimulated images of war in his armchairs warriors that seem to flock to the Republican Party like the over armed self proclaimed “patriots” flocked to ranchers Clevin Bundy’s side.This was all introductions to his hateful, asinine statements made to attack Hillary Clinton; the United States abandoned the personal under attack by “the enemy” in the embassy in Benghazi. This is so twisted, it not only does disservice to the four American who died in that attack but is clearly using the four dead Americans for political advantage, which is far worse then abandoning them as he falsely claims we did. The people in his district in Illinois should be so ashamed of him but no, they vote for him.

Bill Krystal is a pathological sin twister. He makes his living by distorting the truth. He is the Fox news equivalent of print media.  He is smooth compared to Glenn Beck but still attracts the extreme right wing elements. He is saying things as no one in the world respect the United States while the truth is that they are starting to respect us but do not fear us; there is a big difference between fear and respect but that is beyond Krystal’s capability to understand.

I am so disgusted with all this extreme radicalism; it makes me long for an America without all this sick mindless Republican hate.  Hate, hate, hate. Who wants to vote for more hate?   

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