Sunday, May 4, 2014


Is Vladimir Putin the new Hitler? I know that every time something seems especially evil in the world, we tend couch it in the most hated terms of all terms, which is NAZI.  But what if we are right? If I were President Obama, I would assembly a team of historians and psychologists and diplomats and really look at this possibility with the idea of deciding what or how we could we have avoided the Second World War, to learn from history.

Seriously, I would like to see at least one professional historian go over available information and see if there is something to learn from history as it relates to Putin. I see a punk kid from the streets of Saint Petersburg in shoes that are too big for him. I have read a few books about him and sense evil in him but really do not feel I know his mind. In addition, I grew up in an era when Adolf Hitler, an army corporal, was in powerful shoes that just did not fit: it gave an awkward appearance then as it does now with Putin. I think I saw, in the state of Germany at the time of Hitler’s rise to power, what we now see in Russia. The people in both countries seemed disheartened by world economic events; the post war collapse of Germany and the post communism collapse of USSR with the rise in power of oligarchy and diminution of the power of the people setting the stage for a rise of a “charismatic” leader. I see the first sparks of that leader creating or building a fictitious “internal” enemy by the anti-Semitism in Crimea with the registration of Jews. I see Angela Markel (Germany) and David Cameron (England) playing the economic gains of supporting Russia for economic security at the risk of their territorial security and the United States paralyzed by war wariness. What sane person would risk a world war over the natural gas supply to Germany? What sane person would go to war to prevent war? The architect of this mess is the person Rudy Giuliani thinks is a real leader. I think the real leader is Obama, the man who will guide us out of this swamp.

I see Putin using flag waving patriotism as Hitler did to unite people behind flimsy excuses for expanding territorial claims to “restore their nations to greatness”. I see Putin taking advantage of the interior location of the trouble spots “he created” for purpose of building his personal reputation in his “fatherland”. He is threatening the 12 trillion dollar economy of the EU and the 15 trillion dollar economy of the United States with his 2 trillion dollar economy. It is illogical, even boarding on the insane. I see the greedy oil executives thumbing their nose at the United States where they control the congress, while catering to Putin to protect their profits and to allow them to drill in the Arctic, etc. Obama is going to have to guide us to a peaceful resolution without Markel, Cameron, Boehner, McConnell, and the war wary people of the Untied States; he has to guide us out of this black hole alone. I stand with Obama and a historian or two. 

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