Thursday, May 1, 2014


The botched execution in Oklahoma has given the left wing media reason to “wallowing in the misery they have caused”: #MSNBC #Rachael Maddow and #Chris Hayes for example seemed delighted to point out—for one full hour each—the man’s misery. #Clayton D. Lockett died as the result of a not so lethal, “lethal injection”; by all accounts, it was a miserable death; however, it made an important point: The rage against the death penalty has  given birth to the insanity of forcing lethal injections to be inhuman; the very thing they most abhor.

This may sound strange coming from me, a tree-hugging, bleeding heart liberal like me. However, I have taken lives many times by means of lethal injection. Clients call upon veterinarians, like me, many times to euthanatize animals for various reason. That does not mean I was immune to the deeply felt emotions involved. To most to of us, the idea that humans and animals are different has meaning; as a result, we put animals in a different moral group but never stop believing that life is somehow sacred and must be treated with respect. Thus, veterinarians are often professionally involved in making the final decision and deeply sense the loss of life; the very thing veterinary colleges have trained us to preserve and dedicate our entire lives to that end.

Imagine if you will a vicious snarling but otherwise healthy dog; the dog has bitten the owner, the owner’s children, and clearly attempts to bite the veterinarian. Now imagine a neighbor of the owner is there and says the owner has mistreated that dog since it was a puppy. What decision would you make if you were the veterinarian? In my mind, this is the same as society protecting itself from a killer. When does self-defense become part of our argument for executions? The only time killing someone is not a sin, i.e. legal, is an act of self-defense. I watch “Lock Up’ from time to time on TV; there are people in prison that kill other prisoners—prison does not stop them from killing other prisoners or guards any more than caging a dog would stop it from biting the people who have to feed it and take it out for exercise. I have no idea why these people do what they do. The “desire to kill” could be a form of insanity, which creates the awkward situation of putting the mentally ill to death.

The liberals among us abhor the death penalty and to prevent it from happening liberals have attacked the technique used in the most stupid way possible. They raised such a public outcry that they have prevented the use of effective drug to euthanatize people.  People like +Chris Hayes and +Rachel Maddow have caused +Clayton D. Locket to suffer inhumanely.

I support the death penalty as a means to protect society but abhor mistakes especially like an now ex-congressional representative from Florida said about torture of non combatants in Guatanimo Bay prison; they didn’t tell us anything but  they deserved it. The Department of Justice should create “Federal” guidelines; no court in the U.S. should sentence anyone to death unless the prosecutors can prove that the murderer is a serial killer. Those who suffer from momentary insanity, such as killing in moments of passion should not be included. Sanity should not be an issue. The reason why the person is a serial murderer should not an issue. Color of skin, ethnicity, religion, nor political affiliation should not be an issue. Again, the only reason for the state taking a life should be self-preservation of society and it should be done humanely; anyone and everyone ever anesthetized knows the best drug to do the job and it is not something liberals force people to make clandestinely in a garages.  
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