Friday, May 9, 2014


The focus of the House of Representatives Oversight Committee on Benghazi obviously has the wrong objective. Their work should center on why there is an investigation at all. Everyone, including major news organizations, is asking, “After 13 hearings, 50 briefings, and more than 25,000 pages of documents, what could be left to learn about Benghazi?” Nothing!

There real answer to that question is ugly! It is one hundred percent designed to be political. They are using taxpayer money to campaign against Democrats. You think the Karl Rove 504c4 scam is a crooked political scheme, you should compare it to the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee and if that isn’t bad enough compare it to the select committee Speaker John Boehner and House Republicans decided to create a select committee to investigate, what else, Benghazi. You know the entire thing is a farce when they appointed an irrational radical right wing Representative Trey Gowdy (R-SC) as chair of that committee. Every radical member in the House of Representatives is trying to be appointed to that committee for fund raising; it isn’t enough that they are using taxpayer’s money to trash the president they want more from their radical followers.

The leadership of the House of Representatives should conduct an investigation to expose those Republican by name and be questioned by a by partisan committee as to motive why they want to do what they are doing. John Boehner, when asked why he formed the committee said it is to find the truth about Benghazi. The better question would have been why did you form the committee when you already know the truth? Of course, the irony in that statement is that everyone already knows the answers just as they know the answers—in detail—to the Benghazi attack.

However, there are legitimate questions to ask such as I would like to know why retired Air Force brigadier general Robert Lovell would so openly distort his testimony to make the President look bad. How can he call himself a loyal patriot? Why did Gen. Carter Ham say the State Department did not ask them to respond nor could they respond yet they moved a Special Forces unit from Europe to Sicily while the attack was ongoing, and sent a special anti-terrorism team of Marines to Tripoli within a day of the attack? How can he call him self-competent?

Every representative should boycott the Gowdy hearing because of the farce it is and spend the time working on passing immigration reform, jobs bill, rebuilding the U.S. infrastructure, rejecting Keystone pipeline, and combating climate change. The Republican controlled congress could do so much but they sit on their hands or investigate Benghazi. That being the case, what is the objective of electing a Republican to office of any kind?  

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