Tuesday, May 6, 2014


What does the kidnapping of girls in Nigeria tell us about human behavior? What would you say about the people in Cameron who buy these girls for $12? Despicable, deplorable, bestial, inhumane and primitive are just a beginning of a list of adjectives that we could use to describe the situation. It could never happen in the Untied States. We all know that. You know that but seriously ask yourself why it could not happen in the Untied States. It sounds like a ridiculous question, so why bother asking it. Now ask yourself the question, knowing it is against the law “If you advertized in a U.S. newspaper, 16 year old girls for sale for $12 each”, would you have people who answer your ad?

Did you know that Christian-Muslim violence has torn apart the neighboring country to Cameron, which is the Central African Republic? To repeat, “despicable, deplorable, bestial, inhumane and primitive are just a beginning of a list of adjectives that we could use to describe the situation.” Ask yourself about North Carolina where the Legislature passed a law dealing prohibiting Sharia law from being used in our courts. Now advertize in the paper for people who want to fight for Christianity to show up at a certain location with their rifles and hand guns. Do you think armed men would show up at the appointed place?

When we start thinking, “we” are so superior to the next country or the next population, consider thinking that some but not all of us are. The objective of this post is to point out that human cultural values are extremely variable. We should be extremely wary when we encounter extremist groups of any kind vying for power, even if what makes them extreme seems innocuous, the extremism is the dangerous thing. They are sincere in what they believe—to them it is not only acceptable but also moral. They are often willing to die for what they believe, even if it is pure evil or only trivial to 99.99% of us. The danger is not that they will convince others to follow their lead as much as it is dangers for the damage they can do to others. For example, a group of gun owners, who were willing to die to defend what they sincerely believe, surrounded Rancher Clevin Bundy. Think of those who sincerely believe they have the right to own guns. Think of both sides of the especially poignant abortion issue. Think of both sides of building a mosque near the site of the World Trade Centers. These are not just a crazy group of people who want to defend what the believe is their right to handle serpents; in some cases, these are significant sized groups.

Culture is something that we can describe as being “channeled”; meaning it is something that hates extremes. Humankind can move culture in one direction or another but only slowly. What seems to be happening is that we eliminate extremes; thus, move toward a center, something no one can define. We call it humanization, which means we are moving away from bestiality but bestiality still exists so be careful.  

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