Thursday, May 22, 2014


The flip side of the coin of the so-called administration “scandal” is uglier than other side. If we look, we will see the usual anti government conspiracy in full swing. I am referring to the group, usually supported by anti tax industrialists, who see the government as the “hated” regulators. It does not seem to dawn on them the lack of regulation of a government agency led to the problem. They stand about and shake their heads in disbelief; if they pay no taxes, there is no money to do the job the Veteran Administration to do the job asked of them. Sure, Congress increased the funding to the VA but we have also increased the workload disproportionately—they overloaded the system with people who do not deserve our compassion. A hard driving Secretary Shinseki put pressure on administrators to do a better job and without the resources, they “were forced” to cook the books or lose their jobs because they know that the General is tough about doing the right thing for the veterans. When we discovered that he had uncovered wrongdoing, we blame the #Obama administrators for not doing their jobs and they have the hard evidence to prove it. Let me restate what I just said: tax evaders created a problem they could blame on the President.

Starving the government is standard operating procedure for these people and the American people a dumb enough to believe it because they want to believe it; they do not want to pay taxes. The lack of regulation of government programs is common. When there were regulations, there was no money to enforce them. In the financial sector, it is the understaffed and under funded Security Exchange Commission; it led to the mortgage crises; it led to the student loan crises; and it led to the consumer protection crisis made famous by Elizabeth Warren. In the area of the environmental protection it lead to the explosion of uninspected gas facilities, train car explosions, multiple river contamination ion West Virginia and in North Carolina, the huge Gulf of Mexico oil spill, and the levee failures that led to the Katarina flooding of New Orleans. On and on there have been government failures we are told to blame on politicians who to do not do what we elected them to do. Isn’t it about time we realize we have it wrong; we should blame the politicians we elect for doing the wrong thing. Polls indicate we are about to make it worse in the upcoming election by turning control of the Senate over to plutocrats.

We should blame ourselves for not wanting to pay taxes but then turn right around and want the government to do everything. For example, when the President does not fire Shinseki, we vote to make thing worse.

Do we want flag waving Politicians who are giving away tax money as if it is free money in the name of patriotism? What they have done is tag a person as a hero for putting on a uniform but never saw a hostile bullet or was so much as scratched and promise to pay for his or her health care of the rest of their lives; an unabashed bid for votes. Thus, they take money away from those who really need it. Then add their families to the roles for more voters. Then build elaborate and expensive hospital in every district where there is a powerful-elected politician on the Veteran’s Affair Committee to make sure they remain in office. Of course, we leave “veterans” in other areas with long drives to “get needed life saving help”. The final step is to distort the entire scene by blame the Eric Shinseki for not pulling money out of the air to a scheme they distorted. They could close the EPA, destroy public schools, corrupt the Mining and Mineral Management Agency, trash the Consumer Protection Agency, or staff the SEC with stooges but worst of all they could corrupt our Supreme Court to the point where it would rule that money are words; thus, change democracy to a plutocracy, which would be the ultimate nightmare for America.  

Did you know many soldiers and their families are on food stamps? I guess that they don’t see the votes there or they see food stamps as welfare and everyone knows that is a drain on tax money!  My best guess is that raising the minimum wage above the poverty level for the military would not draw many headlines—que sera! 

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