Saturday, May 17, 2014


All in with Chris Hayes, a program on MSNBC hosted #Glenn Greenwell as a guest. It was disgusting. Greenwald was there to grub out a few dollars selling books. What I found the most disgusting was an off-hand remark made by Greenwald to the nodding agreement of #Hayes; “When I started writing public polling indicated terrorism was number one on the most despised list, now it is our government.” He was bragging about contributing to the generation of hate for his own government. This is not responsible journalism!

For those who do not know, Glenn Greenwald is the reporter #Snowden came to with the information that he had access to government secrets but would not send the information unless Greenwald bought an installed a cheap encryption package on his computer, which he did; thus, incriminating himself in stealing government secrets. Greenwald received and published some of the secrets because under the first amendment he can. As a press reporter, he claims to have the right to yell fire in a theater even though others cannot. As a result of his criminal activity, Snowden fled the country with his computer that contained the information on their hard drives, first to China then to Russia but Greenwald stayed and continued to publish reports; making money big time.

The American people will never know how many people died or will die because of the damage he did to our information gathering apparatus. They have compromised both terrorists operations and international policy. We will never know if Putin knew how to avoid detecting his moves in Ukraine or into the Arctic for oil and a long list of etceteras. At a critical time in places like Iran, Egypt, Syria, and Turkey, the information gathering ability of those who are trying to protect our country has been compromised and Hayes and Greenwald are bragging about weakening their own government.

They claim what they are doing is making our government stronger. They claim the First Amendment gives them the rights to do what they are doing—it does not! The Supreme Court, with their Citizens United decision, has clearly shown that misinterpretation of the Constitution can lead to the destruction of democracy and turn it into a plutocracy. The same is true with the Second Amendment, which has turned our country into a circular firing squad. Anthony Scalia of the Supreme Court is the equivalent of Nevada rancher Clevin Bundy. More and more the fundamentalists are destroying the intentions of the spirits of 1776, of that document.

Every one knows that corporate surveillance far exceeds anything our government is doing or ever has done. Everyone knows that we can vote a government official out of office if information is even slightly misused but can do nothing about a corporate CEO who misuses personal information in the most nefarious way every minute of every day. #Hayes and #Greenwald, also driven by greed, make corporations more powerful by making government weaker.  

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