Thursday, May 8, 2014


The ad on TV proudly proclaimed in bold letters, “Thom Tillis has strong conservative North Carolina values.” OMG; #Jessie Helms is back. Many of us thought he died in 2008. Many of us fear reincarnation because there is a chance we could come back as a Mexican street dog. I could not think of anything worse to come back as until @Thom Tillis was elected as the Republican nominee for senate; #Thom Tillis is a reincarnated Helms.

Tillis is 54 years old and Jessie Helms would be 93 if he were still alive. They span a couple of generations; however, if you read about the political positions Jessie Helms took and those of Thom Tillis you would be shocked to see how similar they are—at least I was. The scary thing is that he and his political operatives publish his racism, even though it is more in clothed terms, because they think it will win him votes.  

When one evaluates what he has pushed for North Carolina as the Speaker of the House, it clearly shows what he would do in the U. S. Senate. As a direct quote from Wikipedia describing Jessie Helm’s positions:

“He was a "master obstructionist" who relished his nickname, "Senator No". He opposed, at various times, civil rights, disability rights, feminism, gay rights, affirmative action, abortion, and government support for contemporary art with graphic sexuality. Helms brought an "aggressiveness" to his conservatism, as in his rhetoric against homosexuality, and employed racially charged language in his campaigns and editorials.”

Do any of the statements in this paragraph sound familiar to you? I will have to admit that Tillis is more into euphemisms then Helm s ever was but he is the same old dog, I mean politician.

Helm did one thing as North Carolina Senator that worked against his racism. He was instrumental in moving a number of governmental agencies to an areas of the state we call Research Triangle Park. This is a white-collar industrial district, research pharmaceutical companies and the like; no heavy polluting industries. Many of the employees of the district are scientists educated in universities in the North; thus, have liberal leanings. These are the people Helms despised and are sure to recognize Tillis for what he is. In addition, I hope “our maturation” as a southern society has been enough to overcome Republican voter suppression, Republican are dominating the Electoral Boards in every electoral district in the state, and the extensive gerrymandering of districts. Nonetheless, the worry is that the good people of the States may not be able to overcome the recent legislative corruption of democratic voting under Tillis and the judicial corruption of campaign fiancĂ©; it is worrisome.

One last thought; do you suppose Thom Tillis used his position as Speaker of the House to corrupt the election laws in our state to favor his own bid for the senate? Could any politician  be that low?

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