Thursday, May 1, 2014


I have a list of Koch Industry products and a list of store owned by Art Pope in North Carolina.  This is a free market economy so I though I could make my opinion felt by not buying those product or frequenting those stores. I can do what I say about the Art Pope stores and have an impact if enough of us do the same thing. However, I cannot do a thing that would have an impact on the Koch Brothers. Have you ever heard the expression “to big to fail”; it is a case of to big to impact”. There petrochemicals are in all lifestyles; to be candid, we could not live a normal life style without products from which they profit. Do I kick back and give up; let them do what they will to America. Is the “we the people” concept dead as far as they are concerned?

After mulling this over, I came to realize that we couldn’t hurt them where they make there money, but we can hurt them where they spend their money, which is why they bribe politicians to pass laws to prevent disclosure of donors names. An internet search for organization funded by Koch Brothers is, like the list of their products, tremendous. There fore, to be effective we have to focus our efforts. Do not vote for any candidate or issue supported by Americans for Prosperity Ads or Karl Rove, his political monkey for whom he grinds the organ, or his  associated organizations or ads.  People will have to start reading the small print at the bottom of these ads; the problem is it is very small print and flash on the screen for what seem like milliseconds—don’t give up keep trying. 
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