Thursday, April 24, 2014


Thom Tillis is running a good ad on TV; the first one in a long time. It says he is a candidate for the U.S. Senate and stands with the NRA, he stands for the right to life, and stands for “good old conservative North Carolina values”. The thing that makes it a good ad is that it is mostly the truth. What is bad about it is that it is mostly the truth. He lied about lowering taxes, almost; he lowed taxes on the rich but raised them on working people; I am sure in his eyes that is even.

Everyone has the right to defend him or her self, which is another way of saying the police and the government do not have that responsibility; the individual does. The inevitable disaster in the making is that everyone thinks the laws applies to everyone else but not to them as individuals; therefore, the police or any authority can be right or wrong but is often wrong. They can defend society with their big guns; if abortion is legal but they think it is not, then they can use their guns to kill abortion doctors in defense of what they believe—they are right and everyone else (government) is wrong. This thing in Nevada over the cattle is a classic example; the deadbeat rancher refuses to pay for use of government land. He only holds the deed for 160 acres but grazes 500 head of cattle; with a grazing capacity of two acres per head, which is 1000 acres. He uses 850 acres of our land but our deed is no good because he say it is no good; however, his deed is worth dying to defend. Americans need guns to defend themselves from themselves; it makes no sense to me but maybe you agree with Thom Tillis and the NRA.

Once you understand what Tillis is saying you may or may not agree with him about “Good old conservative North Carolina values”, which is a euphemism for racism. Cases in point are the degradation of public schools by voucher programs and the voter ID laws. He would like you to believe that he has good intentions; he does not. They are things he as legislative leader, did with malicious intent. If he can suppress the black and poor vote, Republicans will win the election—what is small “d” democratic about that? If schools are privatized, they can close their doors to whomever they please—what is small “d” democratic about that? In addition, if schools are privatized then people with children will pay for the schools and those of us who do not have children don’t; the logic is that everyone’s taxes will go down. Of course, the per child cost goes up so much that poor parents cannot afford to send their children to private schools. They can send their children to public schools, the same ones the Tillis voucher programs trashed.  I should also mention cutting of the education budget, slashing teachers’ salaries, and offering an asinine exchange of salary increase for giving up tenure; I am convinced he has no idea what the word ‘tenure’ means; he thinks it has something to do with seniority.

Everyone understands his abortion stance, which has to do with what he sees as “moral order”; there are men, women, and children; the man is the boss and the women and children must obey. It is morally right to punish a disobedient wife or child. If the woman gets pregnant, it is her fault. It is amoral to have a family without a father in the house. If you agree with him, vote for him. But be warned you can never get your vote back. 
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