Saturday, April 26, 2014


More and more the same theme is cropping up in right-wing rhetoric even when it is embarrassingly wrong. That theme I goes beyond, “If the government is involved it is bad” and has now reached the emotional, fevered, and angry pitch, “If the government is involved it is something to be hated”. The Obamacare battle is over and now they are replacing it with the Common Core issue. Obviously, this is wrong for a number of reasons. The principle one is that when the hates is so intense it blocks out even reasonable consideration.

For example, it is the same thing with President Obama personally; no matter what he does or says, it is bad. The people who believe this way free him of the fear of criticism. He already is in the most powerful position in the world; however, if no matter what he say or does not matter; he will not be restrained for fear of being criticized. What control his critics might have  had has been lost. He and the American people know that Obamacare is good and is working. We all know social security is good and working. We know the same about Medicare and welfare programs. Go ahead and “hate” these programs all you want, but do not admit they are good.

Obama’s hate-crazed critics are creating pervasive anomalies of reason; the person who says “I hate government programs” are screaming that politicians had better keep their hands off “my” social security, or “my” Medicare or, “my” unemployment insurance, etc. The one I like the most is,” I hate Obamacare but keep you hands off my Kynect: Kentucky's Healthcare health care”. The point is, their hate is divorced from issues; it a freestanding “thing” or “issue” like puppet they can manipulate; thus, lives on by itself.

Recently, the State of North Carolina is taking up the issue of Common Core. As the
Charlotte Observer said:

A state legislative commission proposed Thursday that North Carolina drop Common Core and replace it with a new set of learning standards for public schools. Read more here:

Where have you heard that song and dance before? Common Core is a well thought-out program intended to assist K-12 education. Unlike Obamacare, that had tremendous insurance company pressure to distort the purpose from health care to profit, Common Core hit the mark exactly; it does what it is supposed to do. However, in the eyes of some in North Carolina, it is the Federal Government taking over education. It is a power mad Obama pushing to take over local issues. I have news for them; if the State adopts it, it will be the Federal Government replacing a hodgepodge of inferior educational state programs based on everything from Sunday school, climate change deniers, and creationists and replacing them with reading, writing, and arithmetic.

The State Legislator in question, a product of the existing North Carolina educational system, wants to drop Common Core and replace it with “a new set of learning standards for public schools”. You do know this North Carolina legislature is responsible for passing a law to prevent courts from following Sharia Law, a law to create a state religion, and many laws aimed at suppressing voters’ rights. We heard the drop and replace argument with Obamacare; therefore, we also know that a “new set of learning standards” does not exist. Apparently, their hope is that the people of the state will be blinded by the hate they are working so hard generate against the Federal Government will turn us into a “Posse Comitatus”, a group of men (no women allowed) armed with guns bigger than they are, ready to die rather than let the evil Federal Government rule their lives. Didn’t we just go through this idiocy with Rancher Bundy, the deadbeat who was caught stealing the use of federal lands? Will it never end?

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