Friday, April 25, 2014


Why I really dislike what those armed people are doing in Nevada should be obvious. I do not like what they are advocating and the way they are advocating it; everyone owns everything; that is some weird kind of socialism. The idea that everyone can have access to property that is not their own is extreme beyond imagination. To think that property lines mean nothing if you for some reason want that property: rill for oil, mine for coal, graze your cattle, hike in the wildness, to name a few of millions of reasons. That is just as crazy as the idea that extremists feel individuals can do anything they like. The state of Georgia, for example, allows guns in bars for example; these people, who think it is OK to keep guns out to the hands of crazy people, vote to put guns in the hands of people who have demented themselves with alcohol. They make it all OK by the provision that the “individual” bar owner has the right to say their customers cannot carry guns they own in the bar—they own the bar so they can make the laws—but they cannot ask customers if they are carrying a guns because that would violate their “individual” rights to protect themselves. What do these extremists want: a weird kind of socialism in a weird kind of society—talk about extreme!  

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