Thursday, August 22, 2013


I saw Richard Cordray on Morning Joe (MSNBC) and was impressed. He is the new head of the Consumer Financial protection Bureau. The thing that impressed me was a challenge from Karen Finerman, who books herself as “CEO of Metropolitan Capital Advisers, mother of two sets of twins and all around super woman of Wall Street”. The topic of discussion was the mortgage market collapse and the financial skullduggery that banks etc pulled on home-buyers. As you might expect from such a person, she immediately and sarcastically tried to blame the people “for applying and accepting loans they could not afford”. Cordray answered her politely and in detail but also answered her in a professional manner with out the sarcasm or acrimony; he is truly a professional. His contrast to Finerman was welcome. Elizabeth Warren did well when she originally hired him as her assistant.

His hidden message was that he is going to work behind the scenes and not as a “headline grabber”. My impression is that he will be effective and the America People will benefit tremendously from him being in that position. In a few short sentences, he proved to me he can handle a pretentious “Wall Street Super woman” with ease. Comments Invited and not moderated

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