Friday, August 16, 2013


This “thing” in North Carolina is no longer fun and games; it is a dead serious battle against high end, radical Republican money—a battle against our democracy. Gov. Pat McCrory, by signing all the bills passed by this radical right wing rouge legislature, proves he is a puppet of rich man Art Pope. The polls in the State, taken even before he signed these bills, show something like 39% of the people approve of what he is doing. That is shocking! Who are the 39 out of every 100 who are racists? Who among them believe it is in the best interest of the State to pay and industry $84,000 per job that pays a worker $50,000 a year?   Who thinks it is good that we decrease income tax and the rich and then install a sales tax? Do 39% of the people think it is a good idea that we as State taxpayers eliminate the estate taxes; a clear give away to estates of over $5 million?  Who among us feels it is right to prevent people from voting?

Worst of all are the changes that are taking place behind the scenes. This Governor has and continues to stack the deck against the people. He has put Republican Political Party in charge of the State utilities commissions. They are raising energy costs on the people by 17% but on industry 7%. If you think that sounds like a good deal for industries, it is but you should consider how good it is for Duke Energy, the Governor’s former employer. They are deregulated. They are going to increase profits but also build new facilities with your money.

The Republican Party has taking over school boards so they have control of segregation in school. They can direct tax payer money to “rich” schools and away from “poor” schools. They can approve voucher programs to encourage the destruction of all public education and make it private.

The Governor has appointed all republicans to the State Election Commission, who in turn appoints election commissions in all legislative districts—they are not even trying to appear fair; they are 99% Republican appointees.  They even appoint county Republican Party Chairs to these positions. He has only been in office for 7 months but everyday the story is getting worse.  

What is interesting is that the arrogant governor shows contempt for the opposition; he plays baseball behind the capital while he denies schoolchildren a meeting and flippantly insults a group of serious pro choice by giving them a plate of cookies—a carefully planned affront—but ignores their attempt to present their arguments.  He lied himself into office; however, we now know his true direction. Some, but not enough of us knew what would happen long before he was elected because we know about Republican tactics.  

I would like to point out something to him.  Art Pope has used him as he would use a na├»ve punk. He bought the job of governor for McCrory. He used McCrory as a smooth talking puppet to get what he wanted. Now, that he has what he paid for, which is a corrupt State. The people have found them out and are about to call on him to resign or be recalled. My point in this blog post is that they are about to burn the McCrory puppet at the stake but what about Art Pope, the real devil. If we allow him walk stark free, we will have made a grave mistake. In one sense, I feel sorry for McCrory because he stood in as a proxy for Pope, nonetheless, as Pope’s public face, he will have to take what the people give him, that is, if the State isn’t so broken that it has already lost all power of retribution. 

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