Monday, August 26, 2013


This morning as usual I tuned into morning Joe (MSNBC) for my daily dose of right wing poison. I was a little late and when the TV flashed the first picture of +Joe Scarborough saying “Nothing is more important than being kind”, it stopped me in my tracks. It shocked me and it should have shock his listeners; even the conservatives, especially the churchgoers who believe it is amoral to lie. This is Mister Right Wing Florida Conservatives saying trying to convince a person like me, who has just suffered through a North Carolina conservative legislative session, that the most important thing is to be kind; meaning be nice to people.

It really made me think about what he really believes. If he was not outright lying, how could he possible justify those words? Conservatives across the nation are doing everything they can to suppress black and poor people from voting. Is that being kind?  They openly admit this even though they express their justification by saying things like, “If you need a picture ID to fly on a plane you should need a picture ID to vote.” as if, poor people do a lot of flying. The will not reform immigration. They will not raise minimum wage even though they know people cannot live on $7.25 per hour. They raise tuition so high that students of working class people cannot afford to go to school. They shift the tax burden onto the backs of working people. They increase utility costs. They cut food stamps, cut unemployment benefits, want to destroy social security and Medicare, and eliminate Obamacare. Is this being kind?

Joe Scarborough there is nothing about your social program that is being kind. How can you distort what you and your party do or stand for to mean that they are being kind to anyone.  Oh yes, I forgot, you are being kind to the 1%.  However, I would like to remind you Joe that even with your gigantic income; you are not one of the 1%. You are not even being nice to yourself let alone the rest of us.

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