Wednesday, August 21, 2013


Yesterday, I went to lunch, as I do every Tuesday, with a group of retired professors. I have to admit that it is a mixed group. I have to admit that some of them are Republicans.  One of them remarked about the San Diego Mayor +Blob Filner and his sexual improprieties. He said, “Boy, if it was a Republican the news would be filled with the story.” I did not respond, but I thought that this form of condemnation of the media was something I heard before—ad nausea.

This morning on Morning Joe, +Nicole Wallace, a “W” Bush White House staffer was on the show as she often is. She started a remark with, “If a Democrat did it . . .” +Joe Scarborough wasn’t there but in the past, he often starts his nasty anti Democratic comments with the same phrase, “If a Democrat did it . . .” Is this a Republican talking point, a “ poor me” type of boiler plate of some kind to dilute blame. Why do they say this when it is so obviously not true? Bob Filner stories have saturated the news media about. Of special note, I remember the IRS scandal when Darrel Issa said something to the effect that if the IRS were targeting the GOP 501 C4’s, the media would raise the roof.  Perhaps the reason they say this kind of thing is dampen down the media when they are caught with their hand in the till.  If that is the case, it is working like a charm. It turned out that the IRS investigated more liberal groups and had denied tax-free status to only liberal groups but had not denied that status to one single TEA party group.   How many of us have read in the newspapers or heard about it on TV that liberal were targeted? To find that out you have to do research. Personally, I think we should investigate the IRS to find conservative moles in the deepest darkest recesses of that agency. After all, low-level appointments of radical conservatives was a Karl Rove technique used to establish a Republican perpetual majority. Wasn’t it his organizations that were approved for tax-free status?  

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