Wednesday, August 21, 2013


This morning on Morning Joe aired on MSNBC, Donny Deutsch, while addressing the Republican Party split, hinted at a salient point. The Republican Party has two approaches to campaigning, which is the basis for the split.  Let me explain it this way; some Republicans campaign the way they would govern while others campaign to win elections. Look, for example, at Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, and Mike Lee and compare them to Pat McCrory and Scott Walker. Then look at the trio who refer to themselves as the “Young Guns”:  Eric Cantor, Paul Ryan and Kevin McCarthy. Ted Cruz and Mike Lee like most Tea Party candidates and office holders are honest. The campaign as they would govern. They would shut the government down to get their way. They would destroy social security and Medicare; they would turn this country in a Ronald Reagan Plutocracy in a minute. This is obviously not a winning strategy in a general election but is for a primary where they can control the voters by gerrymandering districts, and voter suppression laws.  

For the second example of a different breed of Republican, look at Pat McCrory, Scott walkers, John Kasich, and Rick Snyder. They campaigned in a dishonest manner; they lied their way into office—they are the worst kind of liars. They campaign on a platform the voters wanted to hear but as soon as they the voters elected them, they governed in an extreme right wing manner; they governed as Ted Cruz or Mike Lee would govern. The tragic story in North Carolina and Wisconsin, Michigan and Ohio give clear evidence of the truth of this fact.

Then there is the third group: Eric Cantor, Paul Ryan and Kevin McCarty. They tell half-truths because genetic Republicans concur with them, even those for which it is against their own best interest—the “What’s the matter with Kansas” crowd. These folks are followers of Ayn Rand. In their minds eye view of the world, there are makers and takers. They see the business community and Republicans as the John Wayne types of modern society, the Marlborough cowboys. At the same time, they lie to the working people and tell them they deserve a living wage and they, like everyone else, deplores welfare of any kind. The truth is that they consider a living wage to be $7.25 an hour, it is OK if tuition is out of reach of working families, it is OK if people don’t have jobs because it lowers wages, and it is OK to hate unions because they protect lazy workers.. If people receive government assistance in any form, they are leaches; the 1% verses the 99% or in Romney’s eyes, they are the 47%. Of course, leaches are lazy subhuman forms of humanity and deserve what they get. The have to have someone to hate, some one who needs them to lead.

Republican politicians, representing the rich; therefore, they do not have an agenda that favors the people. Just look at any industry; are there more workers or executives. Look at an army, are there more soldiers or generals.  Look at occupy Wall Street, the 1% verses the 99% figures do no lie.  Listen to Romney’s remarks about the 47% of us who are “takers”, who will never vote for a Republican, to know the truth about their positions. Republicans cannot tell the truth and be elected in a democracy—so they don’t—they lie. They have perfected lying into a multifaceted  art form. Democrats can put their trust into the America people; something Republicans cannot do. This is fact not political hyperbole

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