Monday, August 19, 2013


There is something happening in politics that at first seemed strange to me. People like +John McCain and +Lindsey Graham have taken a stand against military aid to Egypt. Normally, these Senators are in favor of the military—no matter where you find it—are suddenly calling for the United States to withdrawn all U.S. military aid from Egypt. This morning I was listening to +Chuck Todd, the Daily Rundown on MSNBC who gave a short summary of the situation in Egypt as he sees it.  I realized that what he was doing was distorting the story to fit his political agenda, which is to hate Obama.  What the GOP establishment is doing is to distort the chaotic Egyptian situation in a way that makes it appear that how the President is handling the situation is not right. Obama administration is doing the right thing. The Egyptian military is supporting the great majority of the people in Egypt. They want Democracy: 1) they elected a president; 2) the new president handed the government over to a radical group, the Muslim Brotherhood; 3) the people protested en mass; 4) the Muslim Brotherhood responded with terrorist activity to restore the rogue president to power; 5) the military intervened to restore order and answer the call for another election.

If you have disorder and people are killed, media types find the most gruesome scenes to photograph and the most heart rendering stories to tell. This draws sympathy for the best of causes as well as the most evil of causes; just as if a backpack full of explosives blown up in a crowed place draws this kind of media activity. The Muslim Brotherhood knows this as the big benefit of a terrorist act. They even included destroying Christian Churches, which has an emotional impact on people in our evangelical south. Clearly, President Obama not only knows this but also understands this. His decision is to help the military restore democracy and elect a new president in Egypt, a sectarian president and not a Mohamed Morsi who would turn his office over to clerics. He wants Egyptian air space open to U.S. planes and the Suez Canal open to U.S. Ships. He wants to honor the spirit of the Arab Spring for what it is, which is to move from radical religious caliphates to democracy across the entire Middle East. To do this, military aid to Egypt is essential. What do McCain and Graham want?

The answer to that question is what I learned this morning. The Republican law makers are against restoring democracy in Egypt for one reason and one reason only, that is Obama is for it. I never, in my wildest dream, would have guessed Lindsey Graham, John McCain, and many lesser right wing politicians such as Kelly Ayotte, and a whole host of media types such as Chuck Todd and Ayman Moyaldin would be willing to distort the facts for domestic political purposes. I am willing to give people like Chuck Todd a little slack for not being intelligent enough to understand the complex situation. I can understand how +Rachel Maddow and +Chris Hayes would allow their liberalism and empathy to blind them because of the suffering. I can understand but cannot forgive Graham for selling out to radical right wing Obama haters so t voters in the Plantation South will reelect him in his upcoming elections. However, I can neither understand or forgive +McCain for what he is doing—as an aside, he did gradate near the bottom of his class and the only reason he was in the Naval Academy if the first place is that he was the son of an Admiral.    

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