Sunday, August 25, 2013


The Bloomberg headline, UPS Ends Health Coverage for Spouses Signals Cost Cuts, is a clear example of the conservative attitude toward “government take over of health care”. The truth is that since the Affordable Care Act became law, health care costs increases have been slowing. When our government left heath care to the “wild world" of free markets, the costs have been rising. They were reaching the point where the system would have imploded. Finally, with the advent of the Affordable Health Care Law, the rate of price increases are falling. The free enterprise system does not work in health care. Every country in the world knows this, finally the resistance or Republicans has been overcome, and the United States is catching up. However, even with “Obamacare”, it will be far behind other nations.The GOP can take the credit and shame for that. 

The truth is that the UPS plan is to drop health care coverage of worker’s spouses; spouses that have another source of health care, such as their own job. It makes a lot of sense. Why should UPS pay insurance premiums for a spouse that could get insurance through their own employer; it there were a cost advantage it would be tantamount to UPS subsidizing another company.   

Although the rate of health care costs are slowing, overall health care costs are increasing due to increased cost of cancer therapy and detection and managing chronic conditions in an ageing population. This is being off set by lower insurance premiums and many, many other advantages ranging from increased numbers of insured, lowering of hospital cost due to managing uninsured emergency room patients, but also control of insurance company profits, CEO bonuses, salaries, and severance agreements.

The purpose of the Bloomberg headline was to scare you into hating something you will benefit from: Obamacare.  It is part of the big Republican lie.

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