Wednesday, August 12, 2015


I listen to Jeb Bush and most of the others Republican candidates for president sound off about what we should do and should not do in the Middle East. Each on of them entirely misses the point President Obama has made, which is to contain the trouble in as small an area and involving as few people as possible and allow for it to be settled to their own satisfaction. He knows that because of the human mindset as it related to religion, peace is not possible, however, the best thing we can do is to contain the violence to as few people as possible. More importantly, our president has the wisdom to know they have to settle their own disputes in their own way. It is like a marriage dispute. No one else can do it for them. All the world can try to do is to contain the violence. My God, has not man killing man over religion gone far enough? They have not realized this yet. It seems as if all GOP candidates for president seem to think humankind acting tough and eventually killing each other by suppressing violence with violence is somehow progress. We have thousands of years of experience to know this does not work. Most people understand killing each other so obviously gets humankind nowhere; yet, in the twisted mind of the GOP presidential candidates, they seem to equate money to power and power to money, and expect people to reward them for thinking his way with their vote. For them, power is an end in and of itself. It seems as if at one time, all of humankind felt this way. Clearly, fewer and fewer people agree with this philosophy. We are maturing. For thousands of years, we have proved might is not right. Unfortunately, many people, in fact, most people, have realized things have changed for people since primitive times; this realization is part of the ongoing maturation process of humanity. Since humankind evolved, we have been moving from merely emphasizing surviving to quality of that survival. This is not to say that we have completed that transition, but we realize such a transition is possible and will underway. Down through the years, fewer and fewer of us are dying from disease, dying in warfare, or struggling to have access to food and water to survive. The truth seems to be that the advancement has happened at an exponential rate. The rate of the maturation process of humankind seems to be on an exponential curve. Technically, this is expressed as y = bax. I suppose we could say that the slope of the growth rate of our ‘maturity’ is exponential; it is equal to its y coordinate at any point on the curve except zero. Thus, y has a ridiculous component in as much as no one could define for us what the endpoint of infinite growth of human maturation actually means other than saying we would end up living in a state of perpetual peace, which is good enough for me. URL: Comments Invited and not moderated

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