Sunday, March 8, 2015


Senator Ron Johnson of Wisconsin has dismissed President Obama’s efforts to negotiate a nuclear agreement with Iran; HE WANTS WAR. He is a young idealistic Republican. I puzzled over this type of Republican reaction to the prospects of arriving at a peaceful settlement with Iran for a long time. There seems to be no rational reason for him to want war over peace; it simply makes no sense. We can digress to such thinking as that the man is crazy, irrational, or driven by the military industrial complex but still it makes no sense. In his mind, there must be some logic behind his statement. But what could that logic be?

I remember when President Reagan was negotiating Secretary General Mikhail Gorbachev in Iceland and when Obama was campaigning for the job of being president. Reagan famously said, “Trust but verify” and then strangely walked away from the negotiations that did exactly that. When Obama was campaigning, he raised a flurry of negative, disingenuous, and not comprehensive right-wing rhetoric; he said he would talk to the enemies of the United States—at what level could that be wrong. The same thing happened when President Obama pointed out the not talking to Cuba has not worked for 50 years so it is time to talk to Cuba. Republicans went berserk; talk to Castro is a betrayal of American values. I contrasted this with the Nixon solitary objective in opening up diplomatic relations with China, which obvious was to talk to our enemy. Now we have a Republican saying he wants war rather than negotiate. How can we put all of this Republican logic, together and make sense of it? In the Republican mind, when is it OK to negotiate and when is it not OK.

Perhaps a clue exists in the news reports published around the time the media was attacking Obama for suggesting he would talk to the enemy. They said he would not negotiate unless he knew the outcome. At the time, I dismissed this because of the sheer ridiculousness of the premise; that is precisely why you negotiate. As I watched the Republican Congress function, or more accurately not function, Republicans would not compromise with Democrats. They are always right because once they agree to negotiate it comes out in their favor; in their minds, by doing this they cannot fail to look good! Unless you endorse repeal of all abortions we will not talk with you about abortions; unless you totally repeal Obamacare, we will not talk to you about health care, and unless you agree to deport 11 million illegal aliens, we will not talk to you about immigration.

Senator Ron Johnson is saying about Iran unless Obama agrees to make America an aggressor and go to war with Iran is the same thing. Republicans will not talk to Obama about negotiating a treaty in which we can “trust and verify” they want to force Obama to turn his back on reason. It makes no difference how irrational it is. It makes no difference that the American people are tired of war. It makes no difference that war with Iran will continue and not put a stop to perpetual war with Muslims as Obama is trying to do. They must know that Netanyahu is perpetuating anti-Semitism by observing everything that is happening in the Europe and the United States. Six to eight thousand years of religious has not taught them anything; they have their minds made up and they are not about to compromise—that is as innate Republicanism as being on top of the peck order is. 

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